Small Business Grants

Small business start up grants

Apply for Small Business Start Up Grants - Today in this article we are going to discuss and provide some detailed information about small business start up grants. Any company begins their first journey from the start up face and therefore they are categorized in the small business section. There...

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How to Apply Targeted EIDL Advance Grant

How to Apply Targeted EIDL Advance Grant - There are many small businesses that have been affected because of Covid-19. Those particular businesses are directly eligible for a Targeted EIDL Advance Grant that is offering up to $10,000. They also offer an additional $5,000 Targeted EIDL Advance Grant. The best thing...

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Girlboss Foundation Money Grants

How to Find Girlboss Foundation Money - girlboss is a term used to describe the new business model that is being urged on women by many entrepreneurs and business owners. Girlboss refers to a business model in which entrepreneurs start their own businesses from the bottom up, rather than relying...

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