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Charities that help low income and needy families - Navigating the complexities of life can be overwhelming and challenging for a lot of families however for low-income individuals these struggles often multiply. Low-income families have limited access to good quality of life and education and so they are at a higher risk of mental health problems. 

Fortunately, several charities and organizations are working to promote equal access to food, housing, health care, education and other opportunities. No matter whether you are looking to build homes for your family or feed them there is a charitable organization for you. This guide will throw light on top charities and faith-based organizations that make sure low-income families can access services to survive and thrive. Recommended: Charities That Help With Energy Bills

How To Qualify For Help From Charities?

Charities provide support to needy individuals and low-income families including food assistance, financial support, housing, education support, job training, healthcare access, employment placement services and many more.  To qualify for assistance from charities you need to fulfill certain eligibility criteria such as the following.
  • Be a citizen of the United States or a legal permanent resident
  • Must demonstrate robust financial need
  • Must meet the age, household size and income criteria set by the charity. Generally, applicants are required to have income below a specific percentage of the federal poverty level to qualify.
  • Must have a Social Security card
Candidates applying for assistance from charities need to provide proof of documents to demonstrate their eligibility such as the following.
  • Valid citizenship and residency documents
  • Personal identification documents like government photo ID passport, driver's license, original birth certificates
  • Proof of your current address in the form of copies of the lease and rental agreement
  • Income verification documents like pay stubs, bank statements, tax forms, W2 forms etc.
  • Proof of benefits that you are receiving from the government like SSI, Medicaid, SI, TANF etc.
A lot of charities consider special circumstances to decide the criteria. Few factors like domestic violence, job loss, medical emergency, natural disaster or disability that affect the financial circumstance of the applicant are taken into consideration. Recommended: How To Get A Free Car From Charity

What Are The Best Charities That Support People In Need?

The Society of Vincent de Paul is a Catholic-based organization founded in 1833 that has chapters in approximately 150 countries across the globe and serves low-income, impoverished families.   The charity supports needy families and individuals in plenty of ways such as food pantries, assistance with rent and utilities, clothing, shelter and so on. The charity also helps individuals find employment opportunities in trade industries with the help of their Back-to-work Program. Recommended: Best Literacy Charities Organizations Founded in 1856 the Salvation Army works to assist impoverished people throughout the United States of America and other parts of the world. The organization is present in 132 countries and provides support to low-income families and poor individuals.  The organization helps people access food pantries and meal delivery, unemployment assistance, transitional housing for homeless individuals, and help with rent, utility and medical bills. The organization offers assistance to more than 30 million people in America. The National Urban League is a dedicated organization that works to better the lives of residents in major urban areas. The organization provides services in 37 states in America to empower vulnerable populations through education, job training, community development, housing assistance, entrepreneurship, workforce development and good quality of life.  If you’re looking for a charity that can help you with housing assistance or foreclosure prevention then you can seek assistance from this charity. They also provide rental support and comprehensive housing counseling to those who are struggling financially. Recommended: Louisiana Charities That Help with Christmas The charity Lutheran Services in America has partnered with various community service organizations and charitable institutions to help the less fortunate people.  The program assists them with housing, meals, medical care and medical assistance. The nonprofit charity helps senior citizens, poor families and financially struggling individuals. A lot of faith-based organizations in the United States of America are affiliated with the Samaritan Ministries. The mission of these charities is to help provide health care, financial aid, transportation assistance and food to less fortunate people. Recommended: Charities that help With drug addiction The Volunteers of America stands out as a charitable organization in America and assists vulnerable families in need. The charity provides 400+ human service programs in 46 states including Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.  The charity provides housing and health care assistance to the most vulnerable groups such as the veterans, senior citizens, homeless, prisoners, disabled individuals and those recovering from addictions. Assistance with disaster relief, housing, job training, financial support, rent and utility assistance and other services are available.  The objective of the charity Feeding America is to ensure equitable access to healthy nutritious food. The organization feeds low-income families and operates more than 200 food banks throughout America.  If you are struggling to put food on the table then you can visit the Feeding America website to learn how you can get assistance with nutritious food. The charity operates mobile food pantries for those communities without any food bank. The organization helps one in seven individuals in the USA and provides food assistance to 40 million people. Founded in 1986 Family Promise works to assist those who are affected by homelessness. They have 200 affiliates in America and aim to eliminate homelessness among vulnerable families.  Low-income families can find safe and stable housing with the assistance of this charity. Besides they also provide utility and rental assistance, safe shelter for homeless people and access to food pantries and clothing closets. Habitat for Humanity works to provide low-income families with affordable and safe housing. The charity is working for low-income families in 70 countries. The objective of the organization is to help people achieve stability, strength and independence to build a better future. Since its founding, the charity has helped 39 million people to improve or build their homes.  Apart from providing housing assistance they also help people to get loans so that they can build their own homes. Recommended: Charities that help with school uniform A leading nonprofit organization that is committed to strengthening low-income communities and individuals throughout the United States of America is the YMCA.  The charity connects needy people with the right opportunities so that they can improve their health, make connections, support the youth and contribute to a better and cohesive community. The aim of the organization Ronald McDonald House Charity is to find, create and support programs that improve the well-being and health of children and their family members.  The programs of the charity are located near children’s hospitals enabling parents who are living far from their home to stay close to their hospitalized child and this helps them to get the comfort of home without bearing much cost on food and hotel. Recommended: Charities That Offer Free Furniture Donation Pick Up One of the top charitable organizations working in the United States of America and other parts of the world is the United Way. Tye organization has assisted people for more than 125 years and enabled them to connect to the right resources.   The focus of the charity is on income, education, and health so that low-income individuals and families can lead a good quality of life. If you are looking for a charity that can provide you opportunities in the field of education, health and financial stability then you can contact the charity through the hotline number 211. Recommended: Best Depression And Suicide Prevention Charities One of the nation’s largest and oldest voluntary organizations that is dedicated to fighting heart stroke and heart disease is the American Heart Association.  The organization has 22.5 million supporters and volunteers who fund innovative research, provide critical information and tools to save lives and fight for better public health policies.  One in three adult Americans suffer from cardiovascular disease and to fight these diseases the organization funds innovative research. They aim to improve the cardiovascular health of Americans by 20% and reduce death from cardiovascular disease as well as strokes by 20%.  A nonprofit organization known as Goodwill Industries International Inc. was founded in 1982 and based out of Maryland. Today the organization is the nation’s leader in providing employment services and job training to disabled people.  The organization hires veterans who lack education or job experience and train them to reenter the public workforce. They have a network of nearly 165 community-based organizations in more than 15 countries.   Nearly 85% to 89% of the charity's earnings fund programs for 4.2 million disabled people. Recommended: Where To Donate Old or Used Clothes to Charity – Best charities to donate clothes Catholic Charities USA provides dedicated services to the disadvantaged and poor people throughout America and helps them to overcome poverty, homelessness, and unemployment.  The charity provides help to people irrespective of their religion or background. Some of the help that you can expect from this charity are rent and utility systems, housing assistance, education support, disaster relief programs, emergency cash assistance etc. Recommended: Charities That Offer Free Furniture Donation Pick Up The National Council on Aging works to boost the economic security and health of senior citizens in the United States of America. The objective of the charity is to promote the well-being of senior citizens by empowering them to make well-informed choices regarding finances and health.   The charity advocates for policies that support all their needs and provide programs to assist them in staying financially secure and healthy. Some of the programs that the charity provides are healthy aging, chronic disease management, fall prevention, benefits enrollment etc. A nonprofit charitable organization that advocates for children and youth in America is Big Brothers Big Sisters.  The objective of the charity is to create impactful and positive relations between the youth and adult mentors to assist children in reaching their full potential and building a bright future.  They connect children and youth with adult mentors to receive support, guidance, and encouragement and build long-term relationships. Recommended: Charities That Help With Energy Bills An amazing charitable organization in America that supports kids and youth especially those who belong to low-income families is the Boys and Girls Club of America.  The mission of the charity is to assist young people in reaching their full potential as caring, responsible and productive citizens.  The organization is present throughout the United States of America and serves 4 million young people with a network of 4700 clubs. They provide services and programs that promote healthy lifestyles, academic success and character development. Recommended: Where to Donate Used Books | Where do you donate books The nonprofit charitable organization- Operation Homefront provides different types of support and assistance to low-income veterans and military families. This charity offers emergency financial assistance to cover essential expenses like food, clothing, rent and utilities.  They also help to reduce the financial burden of military families by providing free backpacks and school supplies. They also provide toys and meals to children belonging to military families.  Operation Homefront supports wounded or disabled veterans and their family members with caregiver support, confidential aid and many other resources. The American Red Cross is one of the most popular humanitarian organizations in the United States of America. The charity provides disaster relief, emergency aid and education throughout the nation. The American Red Cross assists people who are victims of natural disasters that occur in the country.  They provide services in five critical areas: community service to assist the needy people, comfort and services for military members and veterans including their family members, educational programs on health and safety, processing of blood and blood products and international relief and development.  Recommended: Charities That Help With Legal Fees The nonprofit charitable organization Children’s Defense Fund works to help needy children with the necessities that can help them reach their full potential and thrive. The charity fights to provide quality health care, stable homes, good schools, ample nutritious food, safe neighborhoods and access to plenty of opportunities and resources for poor children. The organization advocates to train young people and help children everywhere.  They work on different issues related to children’s education, health, and welfare and provide direct solutions to children and their family members through their charitable programs. Children with disabilities, children of color and children living in poverty and mainly targeted by this charity. Recommended: Charitable organizations that help pay medical bills The International Rescue Committee is a nonprofit charitable organization that provides assistance and support to 220 United States cities and 40 countries across the globe.  The mission of the organization is to help people with everything from shelter, and education to clean water and empowerment for displaced and refugee people.  The organization helped 1.5 million poor children last year with education and schooling opportunities and nearly 122,100 children received nutritional treatment from this resource. Toys For Tots organization is run by the US Marine Corps to collect unwrapped new toys and games and deliver them to needy children during the Christmas holidays with the sole objective of creating joy and sending a message of happiness and hope to little children across the nation who belong to poor families.  If you’re looking for ways to donate your toys and games to help little ones across the nation then read our guide: Where to Donate Used Toys Charities & Places to Consider Toys Donation. The organization Save the Children stands out from others since it has been working for more than 100 years to give children a healthy and nutritious starting life.  They provide an opportunity to children so that they can learn and protect themselves from harmful forces. The humanitarian aid organization helps people in several ways from reducing newborn deaths to providing educational opportunities to children. Recommended: Best Immigrant Charities That Help Migrants The mission of the charitable organization No Kids Hungry is to eliminate child hunger in the United States of America.  The organization was launched 10 years ago and made critical steps to assist children throughout the country and help them with nutritious and healthy food to grow and thrive.  They help poor children with school breakfast, and summer and after-school meals and even conduct research on children's education and advocate for children’s programs to government departments. Mercy Housing is a nonprofit organization that provides affordable and low-income housing solutions to those who are at risk of homelessness. The organization helps to create, preserve, manage and finance housing solutions throughout the United States of America. Low-income families can receive monetary grants of up to $5000 to cover the medical expenses of their children with the assistance of the charity called United Healthcare Children’s Fund.  Needy families can use the funding opportunity to cover non-covered medical expenses, expenses rising from commercial health insurance plans and other medical bills. Recommended: Child organizations That Help Children’s in need Created in 2004 the Diapers Bank raises funds and distributes diapers for low-income families, and period products to those who qualify.  The organization has distributed around 26 million diapers to low-income individuals and families in different counties. Low-income families find it difficult to purchase diapers in bulk so they can seek assistance from this charity. Families are required to have income below 200% of the federal poverty level to get assistance. The Cancer Care Co-payment Assistance Foundation helps people with medical bills that they are unable to pay. Cancer patients who are overburdened with the expenses due to their diagnosis and treatment can seek assistance from this organization.  The charity provides co-payment solutions to assist financially challenged cancer patients to cover the cost of their prescribed treatments. Recommended: Best appalachian charities To Donate In Love Inc. organization in the name of Christ provides necessary supportive services and financial support to low-income families who are in need. The charity runs dozens of locations throughout the United States of America and offers a clearing house for needy families.  These support and solutions are provided by the charity such as meals, shelter housing and clothing. The charity helps people with cash assistance so that they can cover their past due bills like rent, utility and medication expenses. Recommended: Charities That Help With Debt


Several charities and nonprofit organizations are working throughout the United States of America to make the world a better place and make a real difference in the lives of vulnerable families. You can support the charities through donations or volunteering. No matter how small your contribution is it can leave a major impact on low-income families during the most challenging phase of their lives. However, not everyone can qualify for assistance so it is important to make sure you can fulfill the eligibility criteria and provide proof of documents as required by the charity. No matter whether you are looking for housing or education, healthcare or food assistance these organizations have something to offer for everyone in need.

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