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How to find a federal business identification number

How to find a federal business identification number

Find Your federal business identification number – A federal tax identification number (TIN) is similar to a Social Security number to get a business entity. Corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships document for TIN numbers with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by submitting a Form SS-4. For those who have lost your TIN number you can find it in a few steps. Locating the TIN might not be available to businesses that are private and need research.

Find a Lost TIN

Locate the computer-generated letter that you were sent by the IRS with your TIN. The TIN is also referred to as an employer identification number or EIN (“Employer Identification Number”). Look for taxation on old financial activities to observe that the TIN or EIN you used to document taxes. Request the data from a financial institution or company licensing service that the TIN needed for the identification of an account or permit application. Call that the IRS and the Tax Specialty Business Line during business hours at 800-829-4933.

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Search for another company’s TIN

Start looking for notifications from public businesses from the”Securities and Exchange Commission” database.

Ask the TIN of a non-profit organization employed for income from contributions 501 (c) (3). Non-profit organizations are needed to keep public documents, so the info is available upon request and is available on the IRS 990 form. Ask private businesses the EIN if you need to issue a 1099 form for the services offered to you or your company from the private entity. Hire a third-party search provider to find this information for a fee. Providers from the business or legal fields include Lexis or Westlaw.

This is the way which can help you to find a federal business identification number, If you are starting a new business there are various federal government grants for a small business that can help you in establishing your business. Government Business grants are helpful for startups and new businesses.


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